Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD: Exercises and Benefits

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD: Exercises and Benefits

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a progressive disease that makes breathing very hard. COPD is characterized by heavy coughing with a large amount of mucus, shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, wheezing, tightness in the chest, etc.

In our previous blog, we talked about everything related to Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD and how it works. Now, let’s discuss the exercises and benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation center.

Exercises for Pulmonary Rehab

The objective of pulmonary rehab is regular exercising to enhance functions of the lungs and heart. Pulmonary rehab exercises aim at muscle strengthening and endurance. Following are the some of the common exercises to help with COPD.

Breathing exercise

Many COPD patients suffer from poor and weak breathing muscles. These simple exercises reduce struggle in breathing and strengthen the muscles. Breathing exercise involves blowing air in specific internals to enhance strength. Typically, the patients receive a mouthpiece to blow.

Lower body exercise

Most of the pulmonary rehab centers teach a set of lower body exercises. These exercises focus on leg workouts. It starts with indoor walking or a treadmill walking to stair climbing. These are not intense workouts. The aim of these workouts is to improve the mobility and stay active.

Upper body exercises

Upper body muscles are crucial for proper breathing. Besides, it also supports daily activities. So, pulmonary rehab exercises include strengthening the upper body muscles. Some of the exercises include arm and chest extension, arms rotation, lifting the arms, and mild stretching.

Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD

At pulmonary rehab, you learn about everything related to your condition, from breathing techniques, medicines you take, travel, how to stay active, what to do and what not to do. Knowledge about the management of this condition prevents the flare-ups.

The rehab course helps you to learn how to stay healthy and avoid exacerbation of COPD. You learn about your treatment plan and how it works.

Risk of a panic attack, anxiety, and chronic depression increases proportionately with the severity of COPD. With the rehab course, you will learn how to cope with COPD without falling prey to mental disorders.

Apart from all these, you will meet people with the similar condition and can share experiences. Joining a social group gives emotional support which has a positive impact on your health.

Many pulmonary rehabilitation courses include relaxation techniques to distress and stay calm.

After completion of the program, you will feel more energetic, have better control over COPD and stay healthy. Those who practice the exercise regularly reap the benefits for years.

Where to Go?

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