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Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a progressive disease that makes breathing very hard. COPD is characterized by heavy coughing with a large amount of mucus, shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, wheezing, and tightness in the chest.

Many times, living with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder make everyday activities very difficult. Sufferers may find it hard to walk, climb stairs or carry an object. Being a progressive disease, COPD gets worse over time. Regardless of the medical treatment to control COPD, many patients experience worsened and aggravated episodes of this condition. It needs a comprehensive solution to improve the condition and provide a better quality of life.  A progressive disease which is unlikely to control with medicines needs a combination approach. Pulmonary rehabilitation center comes here to help COPD patients for enhanced life.

On a lighter note, pulmonary rehab helps people with COPD to breathe easy and reduce breathing problems.

Pulmonary Rehab – An Overview

A rehabilitation program generally focuses on enhancing the physical, mental and emotional health of an individual. The similar concept applies here. Pulmonary rehabilitation is a combination of exercises, therapies, and dietary recommendation. It improves the fitness, nutritious intake and helps you breathe with ease. Pulmonary rehab includes the following to help COPD sufferers.

  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation techniques / exercises
  • Simple and easy exercises
  • Nutritional recommendation
  • Learning about the COPD medications and drugs
  • A strategic approach for better living

How it works?

Pulmonary rehab professionals have expertise in working with severe COPD patients. Apart from physicians you also collaborate with dieticians and expert health workers. They will guide you in managing your condition, and live a healthy life for years to come.

To join a pulmonary rehabilitation, the patient needs a reference letter from your doctor. Alternatively, the patient shall provide the copy of “spirometry test result” which shows that he or she suffers from COPD.

During the rehab, a team of specialists works with you. The team analyzes your medical history, evaluates your current health, activity level, etc. They derive the rehabilitation plan after analysis of all aspects.

To begin with, the treatment starts with slow pace exercises. Sometimes, it won’t last for more than a minute. The team constantly measures and monitors your heart rate, oxygen level, and pressure to ensure safety.

In most of the cases, the rehab is done as an outpatient. There is no necessity to stay in any rehab center. Sometimes, for severe COPD cases, pulmonary rehab sometimes is also available as a home therapy.

Where to Go?

Midland  Healthcare and Research Center is a pioneer in pulmonary rehabilitation care in the entire state. Under the guidance of Dr. B. P. Singh, a renowned doctors Chest Physician in Lucknow and his brilliant team, this unit at Midland is one of the best pulmonary rehabilitation centers in Lucknow. Are you facing any of the COPD issues or know someone who is? You can book an appointment with our specialist now!

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