Importance of Immunization

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Importance of Immunization

For more than five decades, immunization has saved billions of lives. It is a very simple yet effective way to protect your child’s health from a series of diseases and infections. In fact, immunizing not only provides protection from diseases but also lays a foundation for a healthy future. An overwhelming majority of parents, health, and medical professionals recommend immunization for the children. Read on to learn more about Immunization…

What is Immunization?

Immunization is a process of administering a vaccine to create resistance against specific disease. The vaccines stimulate the immune system of the body for protection against infection and disease. For instance, smallpox vaccines. Immunization creates antibodies in the body. Your body can recognize the disease or infection and protect you from further infection.

How Immunization exactly happens when you immunize with a vaccine, here is the answer.

How does Immunization work?

When you are vaccinated against a specific disease, your body receives it as a mimicking natural infection. The vaccine contains the dead or weakened form or the virus or bacteria injected into the body. Your immune system does not know whether the vaccine virus is strong, weak or dead and receives the virus as a red-alert, considering it to be dangerous. As a response, the immune system quickly creates antibodies to fight the virus and clear it. Every time your body fights against certain disease or infection, it becomes stronger. So, when your child or you catch the similar infection in the future for real, the immunity responds effectively. Without catching a disease or spread of infection, the antibodies eliminate the virus. With advancements in the medical field, it is easy to protect against a number of deadly diseases.

According to a report published by the World Health Organization, immunization averts an estimated 2-3 million deaths every year, providing protection from diphtheria, pneumonia, pertussis (whooping cough), rotavirus diarrhea, rubella, tetanus, smallpox, polio, mumps, and measles. Thanks to vaccination, we have managed to eradicate many severe diseases which killed people in groups and bunches.  Yet, an estimated 19.5 million infants are not fully immunized with routine vaccines. There is an urgent need to better communicate the health benefits of vaccination and the dangers of not immunizing children.

Immunization for Children – How important it is?

Prevention is better than cure. Immunization prevents the diseases from occurrence or recurrence. There are many diseases and life-threatening infections that have no medical treatments. These conditions may cause severe complications, and sometimes turn fatal.  Here are a few reasons why you need to take care of immunization of your child-

  • Prevents autoimmune disorders. Immunization enhances the ability of the immunity in the body. It is a self-mechanism. A stronger immunity relates to good health.
  • Not all children are born with a healthy immune system. Some are born with impaired immunity while others may fall prey to auto-immune conditions. Those people may not nurture good resistance even after vaccination. The only solution is immunization to brace against certain diseases.
  • Every parent wants their children to grow healthy and stay protected. Immunization prevents severe illness, and safeguard from the vaccine-preventable diseases. Some of the vaccine-preventable diseases include Hepatitis B, paralysis of limbs, amputation of legs or arms, brain damage, hearing loss, brain malfunction that when left untreated causes death.
  • Child’s immunity is fragile. They are prone to diseases, even for a mild change of weather or change in food habit. Immunization prevents spreading of diseases from one child to another.
  • Cost of immunization (vaccines) is far lower than treatment of the diseases itself.
  • Some of the infections may turn epidemic, affecting the whole community. Immunized people pose low to no risk of epidemic diseases.
  • Immunization is the only solution that eradicated Polio in infants. Booster vaccines and immunizations in the childhood secure the health.
  • Immunization prevents a number of complicated disorders. For instance, a pile of autoimmune disorders affects mankind. From diabetes to osteoarthritis, these diseases have no permanent cure. Developing a stronger immune system reduces the risk of auto-immune conditions.
  • Vaccination is safe and effective. All vaccines undergo long and careful review by scientists, doctors, and the federal government to make sure they are safe.

Here’s an immunization schedule for children in India, to know more about the importance of immunization for adults and schedule, click here.

 Immunization for children in india

Is immunization only for children?

On the contrary of the common belief, even adults and elders need shots of vaccines to enhance immunity. We live in a meddled environment without a solid assurance that we are safe from any infection or a specific disease. So the risk of new diseases may brew any time and at any stage of our lives. Here’s everything you need to know about immunization for adults.

Where to Go?

Getting vaccinated is convenient — you can get most recommended vaccines at your doctor’s office. You can schedule an appointment with best immunologists in Lucknow, to talk about vaccines you and your family may need. Midland Healthcare & Research Center is one of the best immunology hospitals in Lucknow and is home to doctors for vaccinations in Lucknow.

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