Midland Healthcare Organizes Blood Donation Camp

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Midland Healthcare Organizes Blood Donation Camp

Midland Healthcare & Research Center thanks everyone who came forward and became a part of Blood Donation Camp held on the 72nd Independence Day, 15th August 2018. The initiative aimed to contribute a bit more in our endeavor to save as many lives as we can and to bring happiness to the lives of people in our society. The gesture shown was appreciated by all those who were involved in this activity. There was an overwhelming response from all the staff, visitors and even by many of the relatives of the patients getting their treatment in our healthcare center.blood donation center

The event was organized by Midland Healthcare & Research Center in association with Surya foundation and BNK Blood Bank with a clear and pure vision of paying back to the society and paying tribute to the true spirit of humanity.

While we could contribute more than 100 units of blood, we shall continue such philanthropic activities where together we will bring some difference to the society at large and feed our souls with true life.

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On this occasion, our founder, Dr. B. P. Singh said: “We strongly believes in our responsibility towards our people and our society. Following this philosophy, each and every staff in our organization carries the baton of community conscientiousness. As such, they have come forward to donate blood to set an example for the others.” He further added: “Donating Blood is a healthy individual’s contribution to a noble cause. It is among one of the best steps we can take towards the welfare of the community. With many such efforts, we can help abridge the gap in demand and supply of blood.”

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Thanking the blood donors on behalf of the blood-needy patients Dr. Rakesh Chaudhary, Dr. (Mrs.) Sarika Agarwal, Dr. Somnath Logani inspired others to donate. Dr. Sarika further added, “Blood is the essence of life. It is needed regularly for patients with diseases like ‘Thalassemia’ and ‘Hemophilia’ and also during serious injuries, deliveries, accidents, and surgeries. In fact, there is no substitute for blood. So each drop of donation matters.” Dr. Neeru said: “When one donates blood, one surely feels elated to give someone unknown the most precious gift- the gift of life.”

They all urged every healthy person to come forward voluntarily to donate blood and help India to become self-sufficient in blood supply. We should shred the idea of replacement donation and donating only for near and dear when needed. We should donate regularly to keep society out of blood crisis.

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