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4th Conference Of South East Asian Academy Of Sleep Medicine 2018

4th Conference Of South East Asian Academy Of Sleep Medicine 2018

From 12th-14th October 2018, Midland healthcare & Research Center is organizing the 4th Conference Of South East Asian Academy Of Sleep Medicine in collaboration with South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM), World Sleep Society, Globe Medicare and Surya Chest Foundation.

The goal and purpose of this conference are to advance knowledge about sleep health, and sleep disorders and to promote clinical and scientific information for scientists, and healthcare personnel. The knowledge in this field needs to be mastered from Neurology, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences, otolaryngology, oral surgery, and dental sleep medicine. We at Midland, are all set to welcome medical and research personnel from all around the globe for the conference. With this conference, we expect that sleep science and medicine can advance for all populations to improve the quality of life of individuals in the country.

So if this is something that could benefit your practice and way of treatments, then we invite to attend the conference. We are sure that you will take with you a wealth of practical information for an immediate clinical application that will help you improve the overall patient care and enhance your practice.

The 4th Conference Of South East Asian Academy Of Sleep Medicine 2018


South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM) is an international society formed in 2013 to cater to the need of developing the field of sleep medicine. As we all know that sleep disorders are the next looming epidemic in South East Asia, SEAASM gives a platform to sleep physicians and clinicians from different specialties to come together and take forward this cause of promoting, exchanging knowledge and enlightening the medical fraternity and public at large about sleep disorders.


About World Sleep Society

In 2016, World Sleep Federation (WSF) and the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) collaborated to found one international organization: World Sleep Society.

The fundamental mission of the World Sleep Society is to advance sleep health worldwide by promoting and encouraging education, research and patient care throughout the World, particularly in those parts of the world where the practice of sleep medicine is less developed. World Sleep Society currently represents over 920 individual members and 28 societies from 64 countries.

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